PhiloMom & PhiloDad

A Philosophical Toolbox for Parents

Philomom and Philodad is a package of 5 sessions particularly aimed at new parents and parents to be.
Here’s a simple sketch of what you can expect:

1. Being a parent

The first session will focus on what is at stake in parenthood, namely your identity. Coming to terms with this will be crucial for a positive handling of priorities. You will see how the French existentialist notions of freedom, choice and identity will become amazing tools in your everyday life.

2. Of love and fear

Love will be the beacon guiding you as a parent, and the light of your love will cast new shadows and new fears. This session will rely on modern psychological understandings of fear and classical remedies on how to overcome it. Epicure and Aristotle will become your favorite lucky charms.

3. Does natural equals good?

Giving birth and being born is the most “natural” phenomenon in the world. Because of this, early parenting is sometimes affected by the notion that all that is natural is good. In this session, we will focus on this assertion and think about the extent to which it can be true. Be ready for an exciting journey between Nature and Nurture!

4. How many experts does it take to raise a kid?

Early parenthood is a bit like walking on a tightrope. On your right side, the loving advice proffered by your parents, your family, your close friends. On your left side, the experts with their data, their averages, their research. Behind you, what your guts feel. And before you lays the healthy development of your baby. Epistemology, the science of knowledge, will help us through. By reflecting on the very notions of expert and expertise this session will give you some hints on how to proceed on the nurturing tightrope. It won’t tell you what to do, but it will help you keep your sanity.

5. We are the sons of our parents

We want our children to grow up free, yet protected. Strong, yet careful. Loving, yet independent. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the internal inconsistencies between the aspects we wish for our kids to develop. Even more, we may not know how to give children the resources to become themselves, without at the same time influencing them in who they might become.
This session will help you come to terms with how you will influence the development of your kids, their empowerment, and what kind of human being they can be. And not necessarily for the worse.

A new pedagogy?

MonPhilosophe is not a parenting school and does not propose any groundbreaking pedagogy.

The PhiloMom and PhiloDad programs are not yet-another source of advice on how to be the best parent and raise the most exceptional kids.

We want to give you a set of philosophical tools that you can use in your life.

Are you interested in signing up for the program as a couple?

Or would you like to make group sessions with friends that are in a similar stage of their lives?
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