Personal Consulting & Coaching

MonPhilosophe for Personal Development


onPhilosophe offers different kinds of personal consulting and coaching options, all inspired by philosophy.

  • Are you simply fascinated or curious about philosophy and you would like to know more about how it might be relevant for your life?
  • MonPhilosophe offers practical introductions to philosophy tailored around your needs and interests.
  • There are times in your life when the power of philosophy can typically give you some extra boost. Becoming a parent is one of those times: for this, we have devised the PhiloMom and PhiloDad project. The PhiloMom & PhiloDad project consists of 5 focused sessions that can be scheduled before and after the child’s birth.

MonPhilosophe Personal is developed in the form of 1 to 1 sessions, but also at group workshops.

Where shall we meet?

Sessions can take place at your home, if you are comfortable, or at cafés and co-working spaces. Philosophers have always believed in the importance of thoughtful walks: Aristotle built his famous school around a garden to be able to walk and talk with his disciples. So if you are likely minded, why not meet in a park or along the riverbanks?
Of course Skype sessions are also perfectly fine, should you prefer to access philosophy from the Cloud!

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