Our Ethics

MonPhilosophe's Owl

We are committed to your well-being


s we will work on your commitment, let’s start by showing you our basic commitments:

  1. MonPhilosophe does not offer psychological counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis nor any other medical service. Philosophical consulting may integrate a psycho-medical therapy, but is not a substitute of any kind.
  2. If the reason why you are seeking philosophical consulting appears to be of a psychopathological nature, the consultant has the duty to let you know, and might refuse to engage in further sessions unless you also seek the appropriate psychological and medical attention.
  3. MonPhilosophe guarantees 100% confidentiality concerning what you share with the consultant. We are very serious about that.
  4. MonPhilosophe guarantees the privacy of the corporate information you share with the consultant.
  5. MonPhilosophe is not affiliated to any religion or faith.