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Philosophy is about everything ...


Philosophy has no boundaries.
Sure, there are more things between heaven and earth than in our philosophy, but this does not mean that philosophy can try and grasp more and more every day. After all, the sky is the limit!
Still, here is a list of subjects that can usually benefit from philosophical consulting.

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Ethics and morality

Value disagreements, political disagreements and issues, procrastination and managing of time, management of priorities, ethnical and religious issues…

Work and study

Career-related decisions, planning of a study career, relationship with one’s colleagues, loss of work, retirement, management of hobbies and interests…


Divorces and break-ups, parenting, becoming parents, sibling rivalry, aging (one’s or one’s beloveds), relationship with one’s in-laws…

Personal development

Falling in and out of love, friendship, loss of a beloved, peer pressure, reject and discrimination, handling new technologies.